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Imagine No Police Force

Surely, I thought, this must be parody. But I was wrong! In support of the Left’s new defund-the-police mantra, Godfrey Elfwick wrote (June 9, 2020) the following paragraph in the article titled “Imagine No Police Force” in The Spectator, a 192-year-old British journal: I’m hearing inane questions such as ‘But what if my house is […]

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The 1623 Project: When Socialism Lost, and Free Markets Won

In August, 2019, the New York Times began driving an ill-conceived propaganda campaign called Project 1619, when slavery first came to America in the Jamestown, Virginia colony. It is that year, argues the Times, that defines our national character — not the iconic 1776. The Times has already won a Pulitzer prize for 1619, so it […]

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The Left, the Right, and Race – a Passionate Speech by Dennis Prager

To Americans, thunders Dennis Prager, race should be a person’s least important attribute. Instead, over the past 50 years, the Left has elevated race to be the single-most-important attribute that defines a person, followed closely by that person’s gender and class.  What ever happened to wisdom, character, compassion?  Further, when Prager is asked what is the most […]