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Mr. President, Please Launch a Political Party for The Rest of Us!

(This article was written Dec 4, 2020. See Jan 20, 2021, *UPDATE at the bottom of the page.)


If President Trump “loses” the disputed 2020 election, we’ll have an ideal opportunity for him to start a new political party. New parties, like the UK’s Brexit, do form when voter frustration with existing parties overflows, just as it is now in America.

The socialists, communists, and one-world mega-donors now have their party – the Democrat Party – let them have it.

The globalists, crony-capitalists, and their oligarch donors now have their party – the Republican Party – they can keep it.

Now how about A Party for the Rest of Us? 

Mr. Trump, you pick the name — the Patriot Party, Freedom Party, MAGA Party, whatever – you’re great at naming things. And while the energy and momentum from the election is still high, the time is surely right. If not now, when?

If you take on the task, you can be America’s Nigel Farage. If not you, who?

Meanwhile, We the People can get started almost immediately.

As our opening salvo, tens of millions of us could send a clear message to you and the two legacy parties in a way that can’t be stolen overnight the way our votes were, with fake ballots and “software glitches”.

In a national tidal wave, we can begin re-registering as Independent and stand by to re-register again when you launch the Party for the Rest of Us. 

Venal Democrat and GOP leaders alike will see their registrations tumbling and likely panic. I revel at the very thought of it.

This would be our peaceful civil war of We the People vs The Swamp.

Of course it takes time, processing, lawyers, PR, stamina, and money to launch a new national party, but if anyone could do it in record time, it’s you, Mr Trump — just as you did with Operation Warp Speed. If you call on us, We the People will back you with our energy, money, and shoe leather.

You, above all, know who we are — the tens of millions of Americans who attended and watched your rallies, including millions of disaffected Democrats.

Normally a “3rd party” might split the vote, simply weakening one of the existing parties. In this case, however, the new party would draw people from both legacy parties, just as your rallies did, and just as Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party did in the UK. Just four months after its foundation, Brexit won the largest share of the national vote. That shows what a charismatic leader and voter passion can do — and America now has both.

So, Mr. President, will you be a ‘Moses’ for us, We the People?

And along the way, will you cultivate some ‘Joshuas’, like a Ron DeSantis, a Josh Hawley, or a Kristi Noem, to carry on long after you’re gone?

If current legal efforts to expose vote fraud succeed, it’s still possible you’ll get a second term. We the People certainly hope that happens. It would give us more time for a clean start on a new party. But the corruption in the established parties now runs so deep, we’ll need the new party nonetheless, and you’d be the ideal founder/leader for it, whether it launches in 2021 or 2025.

Mr. President, please launch a Political Party for the Rest of Us!

*UPDATE – Jan 20, 2021: (Former) President Trump may indeed be thinking along these lines! See short WSJ article at this link, and Steve Turley video at this link.

By David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his (first) wife of 51 years. For 14 years he was a volunteer science teacher at and is now a volunteer reader for the visually impaired on a National Public Radio affiliate.

In David's fun-filled 40-year career, he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at AT&T Bell Labs, Bellcore, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 US patents in telecom technology and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

During his career, David wrote mainly for technical journals, including Scientific American. Since 2011, he has written over 1000 political commentaries, mostly for the former Western Free Press and now for his personal site

39 replies on “Mr. President, Please Launch a Political Party for The Rest of Us!”

That’s what they said about Brexit.

How’s the current arrangement working out? What do we have to lose at this point?

If you still love our 2-party system, how would you attract disaffected Democrats to stop voting Democrat? Share your wisdom please. I’ll wait.

You are underestimating Trump supporters. Without us, there is no republican party. With us on our own, there is no Democrat party that can match up. We won’t stand by and get railroaded.

Good comment, and good spirit! The GOP no sooner benefits from Trump’s campaigning than they turn on him and stand by while corrupt officials and judges devastate the man that kept them in power.

Indeed without conservatives what is the core of the GOP? The RINOs are little different than Democrats except that they are less tolerant of socialists and communists. The parties might as well merge. And as Blue-Dog Democrats join the Trump populists, the core of the (supposed) big-tent Democrats will shrink down to the intolerant socialists and communists.

As Mr Trump once said, this is a movement. And it won’t die even if President Trump is cheated out of a fairly won election.

We are long overdue to actually have elected officials that Love and support our Great Country and abide by the Constitution.
We saw what Ross Perot did in a short time. Planning and real organization would go further.

I’ve thought a lot about the same idea and planned to not circulate it now while The Fight is still on; but wait until this is settled ( within 45 days max) and then. strike while the “iron” and the ” Deplorables” are HOT !
Even if The Lord puts Trump back in 2020, the plan should be a GO…..,
actually, IT IS A MUST

I agree – the GOP (with notable exceptions) is not supportive of a Trump agenda – even if Trump is re-elected we’d be better off supporting him as “Patriot Party” members, recruiting Democrats and Republicans to kick these old parties to the curb.

I also think we can recruit some of the stronger GOP Representatives and Senators to actually switch to the “Patriots” while in office, just as some Dems, like Van Drew of NJ switched to the GOP.

Ironically, when this starts happening the GOP will start to straighten itself out — competition is something the old bulls of the GOP have needed for a long time.

I’m there. Will do whatever it takes to help establish our party of We, the People. Volunteer work, anything that I’m able to do.

Good idea, however it might fragment the Republican party, lessening the vote, and giving the Demonrats the win by this division, 3rd party.
Trump has given the Republican party new life, erasing the image of the party of non caring rich people. It has become a party for the beloved Middle class, the love of the individual and rationality. The support of non group think or identity politics, but appreciating each person as they are with respect of their uniqueness and place of origin.
The Democratic party continues with their historical power and corruption policies of power for power sake with the illusion of caring for the weak and the poor; as their leaders become richer and more elite and exclusive. The party of slavery was the Democrats and now it wants to in slave the whole United States with their “Green New Deal” just for starters. Just follow the history of the Biden family for proof.

Good comments, Patricia. Yes, there is that risk. But as I mention in the article, that’s what people thought about Brexit. And from a standing start, in only 4 months, Farage’s Brexit party won the majority of the popular vote against age-old (really old) legacy parties.

Trump has indeed given the Republican party new life — and what has the party done in return? How well is the party defending the election he won for the party down-ballot? Have Bush, Romney, Kasich spoken up yet? I may have missed it. How about those great GOP governors? How many have called their state legislators into session to reclaim their constitutional right, authority, and obligation to override a busted, fraudulent election to choose the Electors to send to the Electoral College? Phooey!

Did you hear how many Democrats attended the Trump rallies? A new party can capture Democrats who are as repulsed by Green New Deal, gun confiscation, infanticide, and confiscatory taxes as you are. A new Patriots Party (or other name Trump chooses) could attract fed-up, disaffected Democrats who are obnoxed by AOC, Sanders, Warren, etc. And legions of Republicans fed up with linguini-spined RINOs like Romney, Kasich, and Bush are looking for something much better.

To anyone who just cannot let go of the “two-party system” we’ve known all our lives, I ask “How’s it going so far?” and “What do you have to lose?” I’ve been voting Republican (I was once a JFK Democrat) since 1980, and I say let the RINOs have it — let’s see how they do without Trump.

If anyone could pull off a win with a new-party strategy, it’s Donald Trump!

I left the Democratic Party in Clinton’s Administration!! The EVIL started with them!! There is no way I will ever vote for a Democrat ever again! I am all the way for the “NEW PARTY”!!

Hi, Marilyn — I sometimes call myself a Jimmy Carter Republican! I voted for Reagan in 1980, thinking it was temporary and the Democrats would return to the party of JFK. Alas, they just kept sliding to the Left … ugh!

I CANNOT see how 75-80 million voters could “splinter” another party! Neither party has ever had that many votes for one candidate! The ” we the people” party would be voting with that many millions of votes PLUS how many more millions would join knowing they have a viable way to actually win. So many don’t deviate from the party for fear of the “splintered” vote. No more fear….just do it and WIN! I would be available to step in as a Legislator to ensure my prez has the needed support. Once all the arrests of those facing “treason” charges (upon trumps 2020 win) there will be vacancies. I also would be very concerned that repubs and dems would switch parties merely to save their “careers” NOT to support my prez! I wud have to say NO to all UNTILL proven loyalty! I pray GOD will intervene in this election theft!

Good points, Patricia — it would be fascinating to see how many (1) de-register and then (2) re-register to a MAGA (or other Trump-named) party when he establishes and publicizes it. It will be more fascinating to see how many Democrats follow that approach. (I read estimates that as many as 20% of those at Trump rallies were actually registered Democrats.) How will the Democrat-servile media report all that political re-orientation? I expect they’ll ignore it as long as they can.

Nothing Ventured, nothing gained. With the stunning absenteeism of GOP in this fight, we now find ourselves in the position of “What Do We Have To Loose?” A recent AP “poll“ (sorry for use of the 4letter word) reports that 30% of Democrats believe there was corruption present in the election. Certainly, MANY of those could be peeled away from Democrat support. I’m in! Available for all means of volunteer work. No job too large or too small.

Thanks, Taunya — The president and his team may pull off a rightful win via the courts, but if not, I hope Mr. Trump will take advantage of the momentum and righteous anger of his supporters — and those supporters include many Democrats who want no part of what their old party has become and where its “leaders” want to take it next!

Mr. Leeper,
I have the ability to colate, address and stuff envelopes to recruit and provide information for the new party!

Let’s see what Mr. Trump does next. He still has a chance to win the 2020 election in spite of the fraud — thanks to his legal team and millions of supporter who are still pulling for him.

If Mr. Trump “loses”, our immediate opportunity will be to show Mr. Biden all the respect, forbearance, trust, support, and ‘honeymoon’ that the Democrats showed Donald Trump. The Democrats certainly have earned it(!).

The silent majority is with you Mr. Leeper. I’ll help if you can use an 82 year-old woman who is angry as hell!

Why, of course, you are right here! Most of the Dems and GOP have never developed their political higher mental processes which should focus on the individual, as intended by the founding fathers, not the collectivism promoted by.the Left. Now, for sure, we do not want government in our lives…we see clearly now how dishonest and inept is the leadership for our nation. Such a movement would rattle the earth, maybe forever. Great article!

Prof Gene

I started out as a Democrat, then became a Republican. Last year my wife and I became registered Independents because of the Rhinos, and other so called Republicans who were interested in only themselves. I always think about all of the good things that could have been done for all the American people if they would have gotten behind Pres. Trump. I have thought about how great a new people’s party would be and I will help in any way I can to make it happen. How about “The American People’s Party”!! God Bless America, JOHN

Good note, John. I still hope Trump will get another 4 years, although that hope is fading (sigh). Perhaps Pres. Trump is already thinking along the lines of a new party. I’ll be quick to sign up. I’m registered as a Republican but will re-register as “Party Not Declared” if the weak-kneed GOP types (Romney, Kasich, etc.) continue as they are. If this is not the ideal time for a new party, I can’t imagine a better one.

That’s a good name choice — I could get used to it pretty quickly! American Patriot Party is another I’d like. We’d be known as the ‘Patriots’ and it would really annoy the Left — maybe that’s why I like it so much.

I like your idea, however I truly believe Trump can reform the current Republican party and anex the rinos from it. The biggest problem we have is that Donald Trump thinks he can win people over and he generally can. However these two faced politicians play the game too well. We need major changes to our government ony Donald Trump can do, term limits, education reform, media reform, fixing the high tech stranglehold on people. In order to accomplish all that and start a new party may be too much. Please don’t misunderstand my position, if a third party is needed, I am in. But let’s make sure Donald Trump and his team are up for all the things that need to happen to make America Great Again. If he is, he will know the best route to take. If he can’t do it, no one can.

Excellent comment, Mr. Yaeger — I’m with you on this. I’d much prefer to ‘reform’ the GOP than launch a new party, but the tepid response of the GOP (with notable exceptions) to defending a won election is so horrendous, I’ve come to believe that the GOP personified by Romney, Kasich, Flake, George Will, the old McCain types etc. should take the party and become the gracious, elitist, thoughtful losers of the American body politic.

A “third” party (in reality a true second party) can succeed, a la Brexit, with a huge motivated group and a charismatic leader, and for the time-being we actually have that. So I’m ready if Mr. Trump is ready. If he says he wants to continue the battle within the GOP, I’m up for that too. But after the behavior of my governor (Ducey) and that of Kemp and other linguini-spined Republicans, I’m finally over the threshold.

Now that we know that elections can be rigged with no consequences, that the media and DOJ/FBI are complicit, and that (we may soon see) SCOTUS is useless at its sworn mission, I’d rather lose “standing up” in a populist party than being tamped down again by the GOP.

It’s high time “the rest of us” had our own voice. Our numbers, our energy, our money, and our love of country cry out for a political party of our own.

Party name: America First
It’s simple, straightforward, you can not distort it’s meaning.
Any candidate from this party agrees on specific term limits for whatever elected office. Therefore, no career politicians.
All positions are supported by all candidates
Education reform
Constitutional observance
Fiscal accountability
Control of Borders
Increase in US manufacturing/production
Tax reforms
Terms and, NO identity politics ever.
It can all be worked out, quickly.
Do we have to worry about splitting the Republican party, not really, those left in R-party aka RINO’s will not survive.
Dems can and will be defeated with the loss of moderate dems and independent voters. Those 30% of Dems who believe that there was election fraud, more than likely are not onboard with the D-party for it, can be picked up. There’s more, but let your mind evolve with solutions.

Thanks, Kenneth — I like “America First” too. But I’ll go for anything Mr. Trump chooses. And your comments about “splitting” are right on — the “Firsters” (?) will draw members by the millions if President Trump is the headliner.

I hope some solid GOP conservatives, Tom Cotton, Kristi Noem, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, etc. will re-register themselves — that could create an avalanche of new party members, plus a gigantic F-U to the Democrat-servile media. Sweet!

And I like your terms too — especially that the party will be explicitly race-blind. Firsters don’t give a damn about skin color, unlike the Dems and some Republicans who make skin color and identity/victim groups the most important consideration in hiring, choosing political candidates, govt contract awards, etc. Enough!

I think that “America First” has been taken, as a party name. There was certainly a movement by that name, in the 1930’s, wanting America to stay out of what they called “Hitlers War”….

I chanced upon your site via Epoch Times. I am in complete agreement that something has to be done about the “Do Nothing” Republican Party. This country is in deep trouble if we are to continue down the current path.

I made the mistake of college educating my sons who as freshmen where registered Republicans and in 4 short years became idealist liberal Democrats. I remember my grandmother railing about the communist professors she encountered when she went back to college after WWII. The progressive movement is alive and well in the Nations college campuses.

I applauded the Brexit movement and think you are spot on that President would be the perfect leader to form a new party for this country. I will be one of the first to sign up! I’m willing to contribute time and money to Make America Great Again. And Keep America Great.

Thank you you for you insightful website. I will make sure to make it one of my daily stops.

All the best,
Chip Berry

Thanks, Chip! It’s good to connect with a like-minded individual!

I’m waiting to see what Pres Trump does next — if he thinks he can reform the GOP, I’ll follow him and try to help with my small voice, small pocketbook, and a small group of friends.

But I’d rather follow Trump enthusiastically to a new party with a positive outlook. It sounds exciting to me, and it will to millions of others too, including disaffected Democrats who want nothing to do with communism/socialism. I was once a Democrat (JFK era), but I started voting GOP in 1980 as I watched the Dems slide further and further to left. My kids are in their 30’s and have escaped (so far) most of what the Left is pushing!

I’m ready for such a change! They (the communist socialist) have proven they do not care for this Country or its People!

NEVER Forget the word ” INSTALL”. WHERE HAVE WE HEARD IT ?? On the Note that was left When RBG died. This was debatable if it was placed by someone of DNC connection. They Knew the “FIX” was in. First of all a President gets Elected and NOT Installed ..!! Only Dictators get Installed right ? This Sham of voting by mail, excuse being this virus ?? DEMS think the public is stupid. Their “GIG” is up.. Let’s call the new party the “Patriot Party”. The Movement did start with them. DJT was the extension of this party. So now, because of the Virus, we should not have to produce an ID at the DMV, boarding a Plane, cashing check at the bank, buying cigarettes or alcohol etc. etc. I think this could be classified as racist etc. WE have to stop the Swamp. Remember what Shumer had stated. ” We can get HIM “Three-ways-to-Sunday? IF he does not fall in line…..Voting is a Privilege for Legal Citizens. Not a Right for anyone illegally in this country, or dogs or cats or dead people..!!

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