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Domenech Demolishes Four-Star General Milley

Four-star General Mark Milley is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, arguably our nation’s top general, although, like anyone in that politically appointed office, he commands no combat troops. On June 23, 2021, Milley testified before the House Armed Services Committee.

For those who thought our all-volunteer military was a shining realization of MLK’s dream, where character matters and skin color doesn’t, Milley’s testimony was astounding. It sounded as if he were deliberately trying to recreate and even reinvent racism in our military!

Why would anyone want to do that?

In the video below, commentator Ben Domenech eviscerates Milley for his cloyingly woke, self-righteous, racialist virtue-signaling before our representatives in Congress. The critique may be well deserved — Milley sounded much more like a left-wing Harvard-faculty-lounge professor than an American war-ready general.

How could America’s top general say such things.?

As one who never served, I can only read General Milley’s military record with a sense of awe and envy. So what happened to him? Dennis Prager argues that the Left ruins virtually everything and everyone it touches, and sadly I believe the Left has done the same to General Mark Milley.

[Edited: July 5, 2021]

By David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his (first) wife of 51 years. For 14 years he was a volunteer science teacher at and is now a volunteer reader for the visually impaired on a National Public Radio affiliate.

In David's fun-filled 40-year career, he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at AT&T Bell Labs, Bellcore, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 US patents in telecom technology and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

During his career, David wrote mainly for technical journals, including Scientific American. Since 2011, he has written over 1000 political commentaries, mostly for the former Western Free Press and now for his personal site

3 replies on “Domenech Demolishes Four-Star General Milley”

Just like in the Obama Reign, “Transformation of America is only 5 Days
away”, now Biden/Harris…..
I have always said way back with Obama, and now with Biden?…said…
“NOTHING GOOD WILL COME FROM EITHER REGIMES”, sorry to say, but we must call it as it is and learn, live INDEPENDENTLY, FREE, FIGHT…
ALL THE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE I MET, “Biden, and this Marxist Left DEM Admin ruins everything, I can’t say it any better!
America is a strong country and it’s our country, WE THE PEOPLE….????

I just drove thru 13 Western, Midwestern, now the Carolinas and today Florida (great Governor, planning relocation to Fla) and in 4 weeks to the day, driving over 3000 miles, all I saw was ??????????ALL OVER EVERY TOWN AND BUSINESS, And only Conservatives for Trump!

Thanks for the comment. All those flags are a good sign.
If we can get election integrity back, I think the Left is going to get crushed in future elections. They know it, they fear it, and they’re getting desperate.

My biggest fear is that the Left has perverted the DOJ, CIA, NSA into creating false flag attacks with their “informants” so they can have excuses to crush “extremist” conservatives. If anyone in a meeting of conservatives anywhere starts calling for violence or other illegal activity, we should get all the info on them we can and then say loudly, “beat it, narc!”.

No violence, no illegal activity is necessary. We have a winning hand if we can get those elections squared away!

Now I understand why the United States has not won a war since 1991 after listening to this pathetic excuse for a General, four stars at that. Milley is making the military a sociology experiment. Our taxes pay the military to do two things – 1) kill enemies and 2) break things. Hopefully, they have not forgotten this responsibility.

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