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Kelly Townsend, AZ State Senator: the Constitution, Article V, and the Arizona Audit

On Sept 30, 2021, in Apache Junction, the AZ District 16 Chapter of Convention of States (COS) held a Town Hall featuring the district’s own state senator, Kelly Townsend. Videos of Senator Townsend’s remarks appear below in two parts. The first is a primer on our Constitution with emphasis on James Madison and Article V. […]

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Don’t Break Up Facebook, Break It OPEN Instead

Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one. A. J. Liebling (American Journalist, 1904-1963) Thanks to the internet and platforms like Facebook, virtually anyone can now own a virtual press, publishing whatever one wishes, including text, pictures, audio, and video. Surely, Mr. Liebling would be impressed and amazed. Today, Mark Zuckerberg’s […]